1978 chevy monza 2+2..please help....

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1978 chevy monza 2+2..please help....

Postby h-bot » Wed Mar 21, 2001 6:50 pm

From: chevymonza1978_REMOVE_373683_THIS_@yahoo.com

I am from New Jersey and...I have a 1978
Chevy Monza 2+2 which I am in the middle of restoring.
It has had some engine work on it and the interior
has been re-upholstered and re-carpeted to the
original specs. It is in need for a paint job as well. But
now my problem is that I have some cracked molding
around the dashboard, near the windshield and door. It
is also somewhat warped around the backwindows and
it looks like it would be great if I could do
something to the dashboard as it has some warping and aging
(colorwise and cracking.) To add I am also looking for knobs
for the stock radio, windshield washer, lighter,
metal decals and some various molding for the outside.
I also am looking for a passenger door rest and
handle. The car is overall in good condition but I would
like to bring it back to the "original condition." Of
course some body work is needed as well as some fixing
of the undercarriage because of simply rust. Lastly,
I would like the engine compartment to shine or be
painted, basically because of some errosion and usage.
Please let me know if you have any advice and/or
suggestions? I am also trying to find a few hub caps as
Thanks for your help in advance!


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