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mirage thoughts

Postby h-bot » Fri Mar 07, 2003 5:27 am

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Wow sorry to hear about that gold mirage being a fake!!!!
Ya never know though i have heard rummors about one being in a yard i
think Marcos seen it in NY with the black gold scheme etc.. Thanx
for the heads up on the club i will check that link out ;>)
As for the Stripes I have a small autobody shop and i restore the
body and paint on about one car a month ..so my choice for the
stripes is to paint them on since the decals will fade and they are
hard to apply without alot of air bubbles and fresh painted stripes
burried in clear really kicks ass!! lol so PPG has a listing for A
red in the 1977 chip info for that year cant remember the code off
the top of my head but e mail me and i will retrieve it for ya
<a href="/group/hboamonzamirageclub/post?protectID=194056066153193043148147203246130012239088066234209123173238">res1oz6p@v...</a> then for the blue they list a corporate blue for
the repair blue in the MAT brochure...now the only problem is i have
yet to find it in a base coat clear coat formula or equivalent but i
will so again bug me later and ill conclude...for the lower stripes
they are 3/4 " for the red and for the blue and 3m sells this stripe
width in 150ft roll and i believe it is still a correct match color
wise to the factory stripes,,,,for 900 bucks that they want for the
stripe kit thats alot of money for decals if it was half that no
problem....to save everyone some time strip youre old urethane
bumpers and re coat with flexible SEM bumper primer..so when you flex
youre bumpers you dont hear the crunching of primer and try use a
flex aditive in youre top coat clear etc I recommend Since these
bumpers are so heavy and awkward to jamb everything behind youre
bumpers and the back side of the bumper then hang the bumper align
and paint the bumper...The problem i have found is these old urethane
covers dont flex real well so you have to treat them with care and
the less you have to flex them the better off you will be...Also keep
this in mind these cars werent designed to fit great anywhere so plan
to spen alot of time tweeking pulling and pushing every thing to get
the best fit Thanx Gm for welding all the hinges and making them non
adjustable!!~ Oh well lol any questions if i can help ask away!


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