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Suspension Parts,,,

Postby h-bot » Sun Jun 02, 2002 6:07 am


Ok group I found some great parts for the rear suspension of Hbodies
as they have some pretty tight floor clearance and these things HOOK,
trust me I saw them on a 70 Camaro and some slight mini tubbing and a
set of 10 in Hoosier Quick Time Pro's and it had a pretty tame 355
and a TCI Streetfighter/TCI Saturday Night Special converter and this
thing pulled the front wheels at least 6 in and it was on the regular
asphalt road.AND this was without the links operating in ladder mode.
If you look at them you can remove a bolt on the left link and the
right side acts as a torque arm and the left as a trailing arm and no
binding like a set of ladders AND they will clear floor boards great.
They are available from Jegs on a special order basis only:
Part# 41001 is bars
Part# 41002 is crossmember
Part# 41003 is seperate mounts
If anyone wants to see them look at the Photo folder Lee's Monza and
if interested I wam trying to get some people together to make a
block order so we can get a good price (maybe even a cheaper

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