My new ride, 75 Monza V8 4 speed, Help !

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My new ride, 75 Monza V8 4 speed, Help !

Postby h-bot » Sun Dec 09, 2001 11:26 am


Ok I just bought my 1975 Monza V8 4 speed the
other day. So I have some questions...

1. Does
someone know some good shocks I can put on this think.
Auto zone only has some cheap rears, and advance has
some Limted EDition cheap ones. I am looking for
something that may be stiff. Didn't know if someone had a
Monroe shock number that woulf fit but be more stiff
than the LE.

2. My car didn't coem with POSI. I
have the 6.5 rearend. Also I want to upgrade to the 5
lug by just adding the brakes and axels from a S10.
So Can I do either with the 6.5, that is add POSI
some how, and go to the 5 lug with a S10 without any
major headaches??? And will a 7.5 rearend fit in my

3. MY car did not come with a rear sway bar. I see I
can add one. But my major thing is, does addco still
have or make the 1 1/4 inch front bar, or does someone
have one. I would like to rn 1 1/4 front and 1 inch in
the rear.

4. And has anybody used PST or any
other Poly control arm bushings in the front, and
Panhard rod Poly bushings in the rear(from the

I am a mechanic and plan on doing all the work
myself, as am also a college student at UNCW wilmington
Is there anything else I can look at to make it
handle better, as even with the 262 it makes plenty of
power for the stock setup. So if I am missing something
or need to look at something else just tell me, as I
didn't even know about these car until a couple of weeks
ago. And then by some luck found one in SC and got it
for $1200

So if you can help with one or more
questions please

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