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Postby h-bot » Tue Oct 17, 2000 4:25 pm

From: astre77_2000_REMOVE_702345_THIS_@yahoo.com

I Just joined the club and don't know how I
missed it before. I own a 77 astre wagon; stock 140
automatic with GT wheels and plain Astre vinyl Interior. It
is my daily driver and i drive about 2000 miles a
month. I've done a LOT of maintainace on the car as can
be imagined and am considering replaceing the rear
main seal in the 140. Any idea of how much time to
figure to do a job like this? 2-3 days would be my
estimate any suggestions or insights? Also I replaced my
leaking oil pressure switch a few months ago and didn't
replace the 3 wires. Any suggestiond on where the red
wire goes...purple wire etc. Thanks, Scott.

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