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Hey My Message Board...Hello...

Postby h-bot » Fri Mar 21, 2003 3:44 am

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Hello, to all those who stop by here, and post...It seems to have
been active for a little while, then died down.
I recognize most everyone from bob gumms V8monza message board.
I quit these yahoo groups, a while back when they changed the old
format...but maybe I'll be back who knows.
anyhow, thanks to all who post here, keep it up!

PS. As far as my monza's go the big news for this year is, the
return of the red spyder!
Since the car was built 25 years ago this year, I figured I'd
licence her for this summers pleasure cruises.
I'm hoping to find a set of cosworth vega rims for her.
If not I'm going to run the optional aluminum rims.
My other monza's will hibernate this year (a year of low funds
anyhow) they are awaiting big mods, and that will take big bucks.

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